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Chicago Homeowners Want To Keep Their Four-Legged Friends Safe From Flood Damage

3/19/2021 (Permalink)

As every pet owner knows, our furry (and sometimes finned or scaled) friends quickly become part of the family. Looking after a pet requires time, care, dedication, and money. Sometimes, caring for a pet involves planning, such as arranging for their care when you are on vacation.

Flood damage is distressing for anyone, but it can be extra stressful if you also have pets. Keeping your companions safe during a flood is a top priority. The very best way to keep your pets safe during flooding is to make preparations ahead of time. SERVPRO also recommends printing a list of actions to take when flooding occurs, and keeping it somewhere that is both floodproof and easily accessible.

What can I do to prepare for flooding?

SERVPRO suggests taking the following actions before a flood happens:

    •    Contact your local shelters and also friends and neighbors, to find out who will be able to take your pet should the worst occur, and you have to evacuate – please note not all human shelters allow pets, so it is essential to have a plan
    •    Please make sure all dogs and cats are microchipped and have a sturdy collar and tag with up to date information on it
    •    Make arrangements with a neighbor for someone to take your pets in should an evacuation order happen when you are out of town
    •    Always ensure you have a good stock of food and medicine for your pets
    •    Double-check your flood escape route and make sure it’s pet friendly

What should I do when I get a flood warning?

Swift action is essential when a flood warning comes. SERVPRO recommends you check flood warnings for your area regularly, and should you hear an alarm, take the following steps:

    •    Bring all dogs and cats inside as soon as you can
    •    Move all pets upstairs if possible, and take food, water, and medicine supplies upstairs too
    •    Fetch warm blankets and familiar toys and place them in the room with your pets for both warmth and comfort (the familiar smell of favorite toys helps calm pets in distress)
    •    Put medical information, vaccination information, vet details, microchip number, a recent photograph, and any other useful information about your pets in a sealed waterproof bag
    •    Make sure you have portable pet carriers (for cats and smaller animals), and a sturdy leash or harness (for dogs) close at hand

You might also consider asking a friend who lives outside the flood area if you can take your pets to them until the danger has passed

How should I take care of my pets when flooding happens?

If your home floods and you have not evacuated your pets, do not panic. There are still things you can do to take care of them during a flood incident.

The most important thing is not to leave your pets behind. Even if you think they are safe upstairs, you do not know how long it will be until you return home. Use a sturdy carrier to transport smaller animals, and a good quality leash to keep dogs close to you – do not let any animals roam free during a flood.

If you have to evacuate with your pets, remember to take food, bowls, a favorite toy, and bedding.

If you do have to leave animals behind, for your safety, shut them in an upstairs room with ample food, water, and bedding. Leave a note on the door of your home, stating that there are animals inside and contact your local animal charity if you can.

What can SERVPRO do about my flood-damaged house?

SERVPRO understands that even once your pets are safe, it is still distressing to see your flood-damaged home.

Our highly-trained teams are on hand to take care of every aspect of flood repair and restoration, leaving your home feeling like your own again.

We start with an initial assessment of the damage and take care of emergency needs such as removing hanging plaster, putting a tarp on the roof, and boarding up doors and windows if necessary.

Our flood mitigation process covers everything from using powerful pumps to extract excess water, to positioning air movers and dehumidifiers to dry out your home and make it liveable once more. Our SERVPRO teams also take care of damaged personal effects, disposing of those we cannot salvage, and cleaning and sanitizing the items we can save.

We finish every project with deodorization to rid your home of lingering damp odors.

You can rest assured that we will liaise with you at every stage. For flood mitigation, you can rely on, give the professionals at SERVPRO a call! We are faster to any disaster and here to help get you back to "Like it never even happened."

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