What our Customers say...


SERVPRO is a great company! Will use them again!

Hardworking, efficient, and a great attention to detail. I could not have asked for more from the company I had hired to repair office water damage. Thanks for the great work!

Exceptional work and outstanding customer service made this company a real pleasure to work with during a very trying time. They answered every question and keep me updated through every step of the fire damage repair.14. It's nice to know there is a great group of professionals in the area you can count on in an emergency. Our office has dealt with both fire and flood damage. Hopefully, we'll never experience anything like this again, but at least we know who to call.

I just wanted to send your entire company a great big thank you for the amazing work they did repairing the flood damage in our office.

Woke up to missing shingles after typical spring storms. I called SERVPRO South Chicago and they sent someone by right away. Luckily the roof was able to be repaired rather than replaced. Thank you SERVPRO for your honest and timely service.

I hoped to never need a repair service that specializes in fire damage, but unfortunately I needed your services. Thankfully though your company was there to put my house back in order once the fire was put out and the fire department determined it was safe to come back. It was terrible to have a fire in my home, but your professionalism helped my family get back to normal. So please accept my sincere thanks!

We are so grateful to the people at SERVPRO for their speedy service and knowledgeable employees. Their experience allowed them to help us in our time of need and we couldn't be happier with the results! 

The purpose of this letter is to send thanks on behalf of the Glenwood Police Department. Your generous and much appreciated deep cleaning and sanitization of our police station and squad cars during this pandemic was invaluable. 

Again, on behalf of the Glenwood Police Department, THANK YOU!!

Giving someone else access to perform water damage repairs in my home was difficult for me, to say the least. However, I was seriously impressed with the quality of work.

I truly appreciate the time your technicians took to explain everything to me and the absolutely fantastic work they did.

My roof took the worst of the storm damage, but thanks for the fast-acting nature of this company, I didn’t also have to deal with flooding.

Very responsive to our needs - Thank you!

So in this recent winter storm I decided not to listen and wrap up the water faucets outside my house and wouldn’t you know it that these pipes froze and then burst causing some major damage to my house. Thankfully though there was this organization that came over that day and assessed the damage. They gave me a quote that matched my homeowner insurance protection and got the job done within just a few days. I would call them again, but hopefully I won’t need to.

I could not believe my horrible luck after my washing machine broke and a pipe busted in my basement causing the room to flood. I thought I would never get that mess cleaned up or the damage fixed. Thankfully, I remembered a friend recommending this company when she dealt with a similar problem. True to their reputation they came over in a hurry and got started immediately. Now I just home to never need them again.

Having a fire in my house was probably the most dramatic thing I have ever experienced. Hopefully I never have to do that again, but there was a bright spot in this organization that helped me clean up all the fire damage that my house had suffered. I could never have imagined a company that would be so helpful. But yours exceeded my expectations. Thanks and please keep treating all of your customers this way!

When my business suffered flood damage, I thought for sure we were going to take huge losses and encounter overwhelming repairs that might send us into bankruptcy. But thankfully, you and your team were there to help a fellow small business. So from one business owner to another…Thanks!

340 & 350 Highland would highly recommend your company. Thank you!

My little building was still standing after the fire, but I feared that much of my furniture I was building for clients was ruined. Fortunately, through some expert attention to detail and careful work, this company actually saved the majority of it. So very pleased.

I can’t believe that a tree would be knocked into my office building, but fortunately SERVPRO knew what to do to keep out the rain and to fix the damages entirely.

This company picked up on the third ring and was the most polite of any of the SERVPRO companies I called that day. It was already a horrible day with all the water damage in my bedroom, who could have guessed that my air conditioner would somehow spring a leak and cause damage to my wall, carpet, and padding. Thanks for being true professionals. I needed that!

I want to thank you so much for having those workers come to my house and do all that work. It was a tremendous weight off our shoulders and now we can start to get to the repairs. You guys are a godsend. Thank you so much. 

Owner - It was our pleasure. You, Chuck and his team are always so good to me and my team to take care of all of your customers. We appreciate it very much. 

I can't imagine calling any other company for mold remediation. Having bought and sold numerous properties in the area, these guys have taken care of me every time.

After being in and out of the doctor’s office for months, we decided to check the house for mold. Your team caught the problem right away and made our home healthy again.

You responded quickly to our request for help after a recent storm caused problems in our home. Huge thanks to everyone on your staff.

The smoke damage after a fire in our retail store didn’t stand a chance. Your team responded and began work immediately, couldn’t ask for better services.

The smoke and pungent smell from my kid’s attempt at cooking was pretty bad. Yet, your man came out and got rid of the smells as we went to a fast food place to eat. Good job.

I was shocked how quickly SERVPRO came out to my house. The busted pipe caused a mess that they cleanup up fast. Impressive.

Your team handled the fire damage in my kitchen quickly and made it easy for me to understand what was being done. Big thumbs up!

I called right away when I saw the water running down my walls after the storm hit. SERVPRO arrived quickly and placed a tarp on the roof to prevent more water coming in. They then removed all of the water that came in. Thanks!

Very impressed with your hardworking team. Fantastic job!

I was expecting it to take a few days for your team to arrive since there were so many storms. Very impressed you arrived within a day and started to dry my home.

"I know who I will call anytime I have a problem with mold in my home. Your crew was fantastic!"

Recommend very highly. They did a superb job cleaning up the soot from my living room. 

Polite employees who explained every step of the mold remediation process in words our entire office could understand. Excellent work!

Wow! This company well exceeded my every expectation when handing our office fire damage repair.

Excellent customer service all around!